Passion for Fashion

I've been thinking about how boring my post recently and too serious!
I was looking for an idea what to post and found some of the design I made a couple of months ago in my laptop! This is what I love about opening and digging your old file, you'll found so many old things and some of them are funny and even surprising!
Here are some of my Looks!

Ain't daddy's lil girl anymore
[CLUTCH Jimmy Choo] [BRACELET Vintage] [MINI DRESS Diana Orving] [SKIRT Fraulein von Hast] [BOOTS Rizzo] [OVER-KNEES Vogue]

attention stealer
[BERET Urban Outfitters] [HANDBAG Prada] [BRACELET Chanel] [VEST Gap] [TOP Mads Norgaard] [BOOTS H&M] [TIGHTS Topshop]

Fear of Flying

Here is my confession! 
I fear of flying. When I was a kid, I used to fly every month to traveling or visiting my grandparents which live in the different island. I loved traveling by plane; it was always fascinate me every time we were going by plane. Even I dreamt to become a pilot. But now, I turn to someone who fears of flying.

It started in 2007. My grandma passed away. My sister and I were going to grandma funeral which is thousand miles away from the place we lived. We went by plane and in the three quarter of flying; the flight attendant announced that we got to back to the departures airport because of there was something problem with the engine and the arrival airport had no mechanic that can fixed the plane so the captain pilot decided to back to the departure airport.


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