Nightlife in Jakarta

Living in a big and capital city is measured by all pleasures which serve its people of all kind of way to have fun and get away from busy activity in workdays. Clubbing or partying or whatever, is the best way for all the commuter to have some rest and go out either with co-workers or friends or lover or whomever. I, myself is a student and working in a company too. My days are fulfilled by go to school, do school assignments, and go to work. I nearly have no time for myself on workdays. When it comes to the weekend, it's my turn to spend my time with the closest friends and going out with them.

In Jakarta, most people spend the weekend in the Mall, either for shopping, go to the cinema, or just hang out. And some people who loves to partying, go to the clubs in town. Mostly, the clubs for the upper middle class is located in the south of Jakarta. There's a night club that I personally and my best friends love to partying is X2 Club, located in Plaza Senayan Mall 4th floor. It has 4 rooms/lounges; Vintage, Equinox, Ego, and X2.

Vintage offer a more calm music, it looks like a lounge.
RnB musics are provided in Equinox, this room open only on Friday and Saturday or in any special big occasions. This room is selected as the biggest RnB lounge in South East Asia.
Ego space a quarter of the size of equinox, it open only on Wednesday for RnB and in any private party. While X2, provide mix of Techno and Trance kinda musics.
This is one of the executive favorite club in Jakarta; celebrities, business executives and the people from upper middle class spend their time partying at X2.
X2 only costs Rp 100.000 or USD10.5 or 7 Euro for the entrance fee includes a drink. For open a table it costs about Rp 3.000.000 or USD316 or 214 Euro; while for open a sofa it will costs more expensive, about Rp 5.000.000 or USD 527 or 357 Euro.

Besides X2, there are many great night clubs in Jakarta. I suggest some safe place and with high quality in Jakarta for people who like to party like the Dragon Fly, Red Square, Mezza 9, Kama Sutra and the X-Lounge.

In Jakarta, a little less safe for women to go out at night alone, so if you are a woman and wanted to go to party, go with a friend or take a taxi which is safe, I suggest to take a Blue Bird, Silver Bird, or Express Taxi.

To enjoy the night life in Jakarta with partying, just take one million rupiah or one hundred us dollar or seventy euro are able to make you enjoy the standard of service in the executive clubs.

Enjoy your party. Don't drink and drive.

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