Stay Up Late

I slept at 3.30 AM last night and woke up at 5 AM this morning which means I only had one and a half hour of sleep. 

It wasn't because I went partying or anything, but it was because I worked on my college assignments. I have done three assignments so far: (1) summary of science philosophy chapter one, (2) nine-pages of auditor profesional ethics and code of conduct paper, and (3) crosswords for English literature class. 

The last one is a piece of cake, but writing a paper of auditor profesional ethics and code of conduct from AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) is definitely not that easy. Not to mention my nephew, Ipin, kept bugging me, hitting on the computer keyboard randomly, teasing me to play with him and stuffs. I actually really wanted to play with him as he's gonna go home to Manado (one and a half hour flying from here) next Saturday but I'm being chased by deadlines so I kind of ignored him instead.

There are still three assignments that I haven't done yet: (1) paper and presentation of International Accounting Harmonization for International Accounting class due on Oct 12, (2) paper of Tax Treaty between Indonesia and the United States of America due on Oct10, and (3) 'Implementation of Signaling Theory Towards Corporate Action' presentation for Accounting Seminar class due on Oct 23.

This morning while I was browsing for tax treaty between Indonesia and the USA, my mom and uncle Wulan argued over stupid things as always; my uncle is an ignorant and my mom is bad tempered, they make the perfect World War III trigger. I wonder when will I ever have a nice, peaceful, and quiet morning so I can enjoy the weekend eventhough I have to work on college stuffs.

My sister, Santy, and Ipin is sleeping in the guest room right now. I got stuck when writing for Research Methodology class's paper and that's why I'm writing this totally random and annoying post. I'M DESPERATELY IN NEED OF INSPIRATION!!!

Party Class

So, I actually just got back from Pizza Hut for the party class of my Fluo English class. My friends and I had the final test for level 9 last Wednesday and our class is probably gonna start between Monday (10/1) or the next Monday (10/8).
Anyway, there were seven of us in Pizza Hut, Ratu Indah Mall. Sophie, Emma, Yohanna, Citra, Farid, Rico, and I ate three large pan of pizza (two americanas and one meat lovers) with one pitcher of lemon tea and a pitcher of coke.
Farid and I brought our camera and we started to took alot of random pictures, we also played games in Yohanna's iPad.


Farid and Rico

Emma, Rico, Sophie, Citra, and Yohanna

Emma, Sophie, Citra, and Yohanna


Ahhhh... right

I know!!! It's been long since my last post.
As the new semester of college started about three weeks ago, I've been crazily caught up with assignments (tons of them). I'm taking 24 credits, consist of 9 subjects:
  • Audit Management -- 3 credits
  • Internal Audit -- 3 credits
  • English Literature -- 2 credits
  • Accounting Seminars -- 3 credits
  • Introduction to Auditing -- 2 credits (I actually retake this class, I failed last semester haha)
  • Research Methodology -- 3 credits
  • Science Philosophy -- 2 credits
  • International Accounting -- 3 credits
  • Accounting Theory -- 3 credits
I literally sleep at 11 PM or 1 AM for having my assignments done and then wake up at 4 AM to read the materials for the day then left to campus at 6.30AM and got home at 5.30 PM, take a light shower, working on my assignments and read books again until 11PM or 1AM -- EVERY MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY!
I spend my Saturday having assignments done and reading some books related to auditing (I've been really into auditing at the moment). My Sunday is all about sleep, I recharge my energy in order to get ready for the long week.

Oh, I have another nephew three weeks ago! My middle sister gave birth to her first baby boy after four years of marriage. My nephew's name is Naufal Nadhirrizky Supangkat. I haven't had a chance to see Naufal in person because I live in different city with my sister and the only way to get to my sister's city is by flying with plane for 2 hours. Here's a picture of my lovely beautiful nephew:

My Katy Perry's Thinking of You Lipsync

My friend (named Akbar) and I were hanging out the other day and we came up with this random idea of making a lipsync video of Katy Perry. We used Akbar's iPhone 4 and Video Star application. It turned out really cool so Akbar and I uploaded this video to each of our youtube account. Check it out and I hope you enjoy it :)


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