Spring Semester Is Here, Bring It On!


I spent my entire Sunday watching the whole episodes of Gossip Girl season 4 (again and again, this is the 1,000,000th time haha) and then at 11PM watched the premiere of Catfish on MTV.

It's 7:08 AM on Monday now, I'm so excited for the first day of spring semester, butterflies all over my stomach. I'm taking 9 classes in total of 22 credits this semester:
  • Accounting Information System
  • Management Accounting Lab
  • Intermediate Accounting Lab
  • Business Feasibility Study
  • Management Control System
  • Financial Reporting Analysis
  • Strategy Management
  • Cost Management
  • Auditing II.
The next 6 months gonna be busier than ever!
I'll let you know how my first day goes later...
Til then...  xoxoxo

I'm Busy.....Sleeping

The crazy hectic days of school have finally over; no more staying up late working on crazy assignments, papers, and stuffs. No more rejections from the professors – yes, one of my research paper was rejected by a professor of mine and it was the most annoying time in my life because I literally had no one to help me to cope with it. January 2013 is officially the worst times of my life. I barely slept at night; I worked on the assignments until 2-3 in the morning then got up at 5AM (I need to get up early to take my mom to her office). I got home at 6PM and then starts to work on the assignments again, study again for the final exams and stuffs.

IT IS ALL OVER!!!! One semester down, I have 2 semesters to go!!!!

I’ve been hibernating inside my room enjoying the art of doing nothing since last week. And I’m gonna enjoy another week of spring break before the new semester begins in February 18. Sleep, eat, watch cable tv (I love AXN, MTV, Universal, HBO, Trace Urban, NatGeo, Bloomberg, Channel News Asia, Lotus Macau, Nickelodeon, NatGeo Wild, etc).

I’ll come up with a better post later when I am able to gather my mood. Until then, ciaooooo…..


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