Whatsup! I know it's been a month since my last post, don't blame me for not writing frequently, blame my professors!

What am I doing this early in the morning? Oh, it's 4:20 AM here in the east side of the world. Since this semester, I have a whole lot of different strategy. Last year I always work on my assignments and study right after I'm home which is at 6PM; that's the time when I always got stuck and can't think clearly because of the exhaustion. So, now I decided that after I'm home, I only have dinner and take a shower then sleep before 8PM. After 6 hours of sleep, I have to get up at 2 AM and work on my bloody college assignments and read books until 5:30AM where I have to take shower and took off from the house at 6AM to take my mom to her office.

Sounds boring? I KNOW! It's killing me that I can only sleep for 6 hours every workday. I sleep for more than that on the weekend as a revenge hahahahaha... Last Sunday, I slept for 11 hours, eat that!

Oh my oh my... I'm very well aware that I promised so many things in my last post but I totally can't make it all up to y'all in this post. I'll try my best later (not promise) *fingerscrossed*

Btw, Google Chrome, you better fixed yourself of not freezing every web page that I visited by saying Oops or I'll uninstall you and only use safari or mozilla for the rest of my sane life.

Lots of love,


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