How AVATAR should have ended

I was looking for a video in youtube related to Avatar movie and this one immediately caught my attention. Crazily funny, and because I don't Avatar's ending, so I'm a bit agree with this video.


Empire State of Mind

Usually when I like a video music, it's just because of the video itself or because of the music. But, this one is a different case. I love both the music and the video as well. One of my favorite song of Jay-Z!


Yeah I'm out that Brooklyn.
Now I'm down in Tribeca.
Right next to DeNiro
But I'll be hood forever
I'm the new Sinatra

This is Why I love Beyonce!

I'm not a lesbian, I'm just a huge fan of Beyonce. A great singer, dancer and also has a unique + lovely taste in fashion. You gotta watch this video to find out why!

Video Phone - Beyonce feat. Lady GaGa

My favorite person on earth!

This is the picture of my favorite person on earth. They are my besties! I can do anything crazy when I'm around them. I love them :-)

My laptop's desktop

I protect my laptop with a password, it's a pretty long word and I always find it hard to type correctly! After log-in, this is my desktop looks like.

Top 25 Most Played in my iTunes

This is totally random but I just wanna share the top 25 most played songs in my iTunes.
FYI, I don't use Macbook but I like iTunes. I'm a Windows freak, I use Windows since I was a lil kiddo.

  1. Troublemaker - Akon & Sweet Rush
  2. Ordinary People - John Legend
  3. It Ends Tonight - The All American Rejects
  4. All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye - John Mayer
  5. Viva La Vida - Coldplay
  6. Grow Old With You - Adam Sandler
  7. Soul Mate - Natasha Bedingfield
  8. Mr. Curiosity - Jason Mraz
  9. Gravity - Coldplay
  10. Fireflies - Owl City
  11. Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester
  12. Vulnerable - Secondhand Serenade
  13. Miss Independent - Ne Yo

Listen to the whistle!

I like this song because of the whistles hehehe... I know I know it's weird, I'm not a big fan of Katy Perry nor 3OH!3 but I really think this song is uber cool! Also, the video is funny yet hilarious.




These pictures I post just for laugh, I don't mean to offend anybody or any groups etc. For children below 15 years old, I suggest you guys don't see this pictures without your parents guidance. Once again, this is just for laugh! No offense!

Don't forget to bring your umbrella tomorrow!

What he actually wanted to say to her!


This is what Iron Man REAL JOB!
I couldn't stop myself laughing when I saw this picture =))


I've been listening to this song for a quite some times and I pick this video song by Owl City. It's easy listening.


My Father 58th Birthday

May 1 is my dad's birthday. He was born in 1952; has a beautiful wife, 3 daughters and a lovely grandson. It's enough to say that his life now is more than perfect. 
Well, I just wanna say Happy Birthday to my father, Hasan Amlaty. You're the best man and father in my life. I promise you and mom will be in the front row in my graduation ceremony when I'll finally get my bachelor degree. 
I wish you all the happiness in your life.
No more eat cholesterol foods, don't play golf too much, success to all of your business plans, be happy, stay young inside and keep handsome!
I love you dad!


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