Happy Holidays!

Dutch Colonialism building
 I’m spending my Christmas break in Jogjakarta, visiting my sister and her little family. Well, to be pretty honest I don’t really enjoy flying of total 3 hours from Makassar to Jogja, but since I hadn’t seen my newly born baby nephew, I fought my acrophobia and claustrophobia anyway.

I’ve been here for 7 days now and I’m going home tomorrow morning with a 2-hours layover in Jakarta, so I’ll be arriving in Makassar at about 5 PM local time.
I’ve been spending this break helping out my sister and her hubby run their business, which is fun (I’m not being sarcastic, it’s truly fun). Also, working on some papers that my professors decided to gave those damn last minute assignments. “You guys need to freshen up your mind during holiday that’s why we give y’all a little bit of assignments.” That’s what almost all of the professors said when my classmates and I were complaining.
Behind the Dutch 'leftover' building after moreless 200 years of colonialism
Anyway, my sister and I went to along Malioboro Street two nights ago, we did a wee bit of shopping and sightseeing, not to mention taking metric tons of pictures hhehe. So, here are some of the pictures taken 2 days ago.
My sister and I (I'm on the left wearing glasses)
The horse ride on my left.
In the mean time, Happy Holidays ;)

Airlines & Airports

You know what they say, what you give is what you got. 
Cheap airlines = wee bit of space between your legs and the front seat.
Here's pretty much of my voyage from Makassar to Jogjakarta with a layover in Jakarta.

The boarding room - Hasanuddin International Airport of Makassar

The boarding lobby - Hasanuddin International Airport of Makassar

Adisucipto International Airport of Jogjakarta

Can you see the difference between these two airports? Yeah, I enjoy spending time in Makassar's Airport because it's so modern, clean, and cozy.


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