MTV Shows

I can't live without MTV!
There are 41 channels in my house but I would definitely kill anyone who take my MTV away. Just kidding. But I mean it! Never ever touch my MTV channel or war!
Not only because I'm a music freak but also because I love some of the show such as Teen Cribs, Plain Jane, and Pranked.

One thing I like about Teen Cribs is because the cribs are very cool and inspiring. Well yeah, they have an extremely huge house which I can only dream about, but some are inspiring such as one of this house which they create a foot pedal to turn on the sink's faucet instead of the ordinary way. That's a total brilliant idea. I know how gross it is when my hands are dirt and I got to turn on the faucet with my hands. Most of the house in Teen Cribs have their own movie theater which is awesome!

The Plain Jane and host, Louise Roe
Plain Jane! My first impression when I watched the first season was "OMG! Louise Roe is so skinny!" I wonder if her parents feed her well because my parents do =))
Anyway what I like the most about this show is Roe's gorgeous wardrobe and when she and the Plain Jane are going out shopping. I also like the part when the Plain Jane is being make over, sometimes the make-up artist give make-up advices which is very useful. 

Old host: Amir Blumenfeld and Streeter Seidell

New host: Amir Blumenfeld and Jake Hurwitz
This one is my most favorite show, Pranked! Hosted by Amir Blumenfeld and Jake Hurwitz (used to be Streeter Seidell) from CollegeHumor.Com
Some people might don't get this show and some don't think it's funny (like my oldest sister) but for me this show is totally hillarious. I never missed any of the episodes. I always laugh out loud until my tears would come out, I could as well jump on my bed laughing like crazy. 
One of my favorite prank is when a guy who was being moved to the air bed by his friends when he fell asleep. His friends carried the air bed to the lake near the house and when he woke up, he fell from the air bed which is so funny. I can't imagine if I was that guys, I would be pissed off but laughed as well.
My other favorite prank is when this guy was trying to pissed his mom off by replacing all of her antique Chinese ceramics in the cabinet to empty food cans. He didn't know that his mom and dad, which just got back from a ski holiday, was exhausted because they had their flight delayed for almost 9 hours due to the bad weather. And the worst part is that his mom was about to get a house exhibition or something like that in their house on the next day. As soon as she arrived, she couldn't help it but crying out loud and cursing at her son. I bet she would grabbed her son and put him back to the womb (at least that's what I would do if I was in her shoes) haha!!!

Well well well if you have no clue about any of these show at all and still don't get it after reading my post, then you can click on the words of the show to find out more.

That's it for this time. Hope you like my post (if you don't, please think again).

Good day everyone. Adios :)


AstyNNS said...

Yeaaah You are MTV Generations, They should give You a loyality award, hehe...

AstyNNS said...

Mbak'e, ada Award untukmu, silahkan diambil di blog cerita asty ya, thanks ;)


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