Awareness to dump in place

This morning while on the bus headed to the office, I sat next to a young woman my age who throw a trash of chocolate on the floor of the bus.

Most of the buses in Jakarta damaged and not worthy of the road, dirty and a lot of pollution, but it would be better if we do not aggravate the situation by taking out the trash everywhere.

Litter, especially the difficult to unravel the soil can cause global warming. There's sort of chemical carbon monoxide can not be described by the soil and can contaminate the air in the long run can lead to global warming and in the short term can cause death to humans who inhale carbon monoxide.

Let us ignore the reasons why littering is prohibited.
What is the difficult to dispose of waste in place? Although no trash around you, reserve it and dispose of trash, if you find a trash can when you walk.
I carry a small plastic bag in my bag, to keep out the dry trash. Then the rubbish that is in a plastic bag, I would throw it to the garbage when I get home.
A few years ago was a bit difficult to find a trash can around Jakarta, but now the government has increased awareness by adding a trash can in every place.

Dispose of waste in place, keep our city clean, the place where we live, walk and breathe.
Rubbish, just a small thing can be bad for everyone and especially for ourselves. Be aware of this simple little thing, this is not for the next generation, but for ourself!
Let us guard our environment, starting from small things, start from yourself, and start from now.

Hope you all save and good. Most of all, DO NOT LITTER!

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