Whatsup! I know it's been a month since my last post, don't blame me for not writing frequently, blame my professors!

What am I doing this early in the morning? Oh, it's 4:20 AM here in the east side of the world. Since this semester, I have a whole lot of different strategy. Last year I always work on my assignments and study right after I'm home which is at 6PM; that's the time when I always got stuck and can't think clearly because of the exhaustion. So, now I decided that after I'm home, I only have dinner and take a shower then sleep before 8PM. After 6 hours of sleep, I have to get up at 2 AM and work on my bloody college assignments and read books until 5:30AM where I have to take shower and took off from the house at 6AM to take my mom to her office.

Sounds boring? I KNOW! It's killing me that I can only sleep for 6 hours every workday. I sleep for more than that on the weekend as a revenge hahahahaha... Last Sunday, I slept for 11 hours, eat that!

Oh my oh my... I'm very well aware that I promised so many things in my last post but I totally can't make it all up to y'all in this post. I'll try my best later (not promise) *fingerscrossed*

Btw, Google Chrome, you better fixed yourself of not freezing every web page that I visited by saying Oops or I'll uninstall you and only use safari or mozilla for the rest of my sane life.

Lots of love,

Spring Semester Is Here, Bring It On!


I spent my entire Sunday watching the whole episodes of Gossip Girl season 4 (again and again, this is the 1,000,000th time haha) and then at 11PM watched the premiere of Catfish on MTV.

It's 7:08 AM on Monday now, I'm so excited for the first day of spring semester, butterflies all over my stomach. I'm taking 9 classes in total of 22 credits this semester:
  • Accounting Information System
  • Management Accounting Lab
  • Intermediate Accounting Lab
  • Business Feasibility Study
  • Management Control System
  • Financial Reporting Analysis
  • Strategy Management
  • Cost Management
  • Auditing II.
The next 6 months gonna be busier than ever!
I'll let you know how my first day goes later...
Til then...  xoxoxo

I'm Busy.....Sleeping

The crazy hectic days of school have finally over; no more staying up late working on crazy assignments, papers, and stuffs. No more rejections from the professors – yes, one of my research paper was rejected by a professor of mine and it was the most annoying time in my life because I literally had no one to help me to cope with it. January 2013 is officially the worst times of my life. I barely slept at night; I worked on the assignments until 2-3 in the morning then got up at 5AM (I need to get up early to take my mom to her office). I got home at 6PM and then starts to work on the assignments again, study again for the final exams and stuffs.

IT IS ALL OVER!!!! One semester down, I have 2 semesters to go!!!!

I’ve been hibernating inside my room enjoying the art of doing nothing since last week. And I’m gonna enjoy another week of spring break before the new semester begins in February 18. Sleep, eat, watch cable tv (I love AXN, MTV, Universal, HBO, Trace Urban, NatGeo, Bloomberg, Channel News Asia, Lotus Macau, Nickelodeon, NatGeo Wild, etc).

I’ll come up with a better post later when I am able to gather my mood. Until then, ciaooooo…..

Duty Free, Baby!

"Why Do Men Have Nipples? Things You'd Only Ask A Doctor After Your Third Gin 'N' Tonic" by Mark Leyner & Billy Goldberg MD, 194 pages, costs me IDR 70,000 or US$ 7 or £5. (Normal Price £6.99)
The best place to shop til you drop with the cheapest price is the airport. Thanks to duty free!
In my last holiday, I bought two books and two magazines which under any other circumstances I’d never bought because they’re so expensive.
Cheers for them who invented duty free at the airports, you guys rawk!

"The Decision" by Penny Vincenzi, 877 pages, only costs me IDR 82,000 or US$ 8.2 or £6. (Normal Price US$ 20)

PEOPLE MAGAZINE, costs me IDR 80,000 or US$ 8 or £5.7. (Normal price: US$ 11.99)

OK! Magazine, costs me IDR 30,000 or US$ 3. (Normal price: US$ 5)

Conventional Letters & Pen Pal

You might think that I'm so lame but I do have a pen pal and I've been writing conventional letters (with stamps whatsoever) to my pen pal since last year. She's from New Zealand and it's been really fun since I never have a pen pal before and there's this amazing feeling when I write a letter with my handwriting on it instead of computer font.
It still makes me excited every time I got home and found a letter in the doorstep from her. This is a very rare kind of friendship in this modern era where technology always comes first and conventional letters are not so common anymore. It is much more practical to write email or communicating through Facebook or Skype etc, but with conventional letters I get to keep the letters in the study desk and read them anytime I want, no need to turn the computer on and logging in to a website. Besides, with conventional letters I kind of have this invisible bound that I can’t explain between me and her which I've never seen in person (yet). It’s strange, I know!
Anyway, if any of you fancy a conventional letter from me, drop me your address in my email (nurhasnycaesar@aol.com)) and I’ll write you one!

Ps. I intentionally blurred the address and the letter contents (it’s a matter of privacy).


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