Alright, Taylor Swift! We Get It!

Dear beloved Taylor Swift,
We get it, you’re the coolest and most “fun” girl on earth, not to mention amazingly talented and beautiful. You love to dance and enjoy every performance in music awards. So, please for the love of God, sit back and relax! It would be nice if you behave yourself and act like a lady. Those music awards aren't some LA night clubs where you can do your so called unladylike dance. Besides, don’t you have enough attention already? Let the one(s) performing on stage to be the center of attention. STOP STEALING OTHER PEOPLE’S SPOTLIGHT! Didn't your mom ever teach you about manners?
To the future any music awards committee, please do us a favor and just tie Ms. Swift to her seat or put super glue all over the seat so she can sit still without making any unnecessary moves?
And to Taylor’s publicist, please teach her how to behave when she’s wearing a dress worth hundred of thousand of dollars designed by Versace, Marchesa, or any other top notch designers. Aren't her personal stylist supposed to tell her to respect those dresses? Taylor needs to get whipped real hard by Rachel Zoe.


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