My Mom is the "FUNNIEST" Lady on Earth

You know parents, they always expect you to have good grades in school. But what they don't realize is that good grades don't just come up like magic. It takes hard work, study, reading loads of books, doing assignments. 
This has happened plenty of times and I just can't take it anymore. EVERY TIME I am in front of the computer working on my assignments (presentation, paper, research, etc) she always bugs me! Ask me to do this and that; small things that she can do it herself, but no, she'd rather distract my concentration by telling me to do simple things that she doesn't feel like doing it. Sometimes I said yes, sometimes I said yes but whining, and sometimes I refuse because I got tons of things to do.
Like this morning, for example, she told me to move the car 5-10 meters from our garage while I was working on powerpoint making a presentation for Management Audit class that due TOMORROW! I bluntly said no because I'm busy working on my assignment. But then she pissed off and said,"You lazy ass don't wanna move the car, it's just a simple thing to do."
If it's a simple thing to do, then why doesn't she do it herself? She's been doing nothing but watch TV which very noisy (she puts the TV volume out loud) and disturbing my concentration.
She said she wants me to have good grades, my GPA is 3.3 so far, but under this kind of circumstances I don't think I can raise that up. Why do parents can be such a pain in the ass? They want you to have good grades but can't stop distracting your concentration. She barely gives me any money, so I have to pretend that I'm full at school, sometimes I ran to my car and just sat there during class break because I'm embarrassed that my friends would found out that I don't have any money to buy foods at campus, so I'll just wait inside the car until the next class started.
I don't wanna find a part time job because I'm afraid it would ruin my school, but I also am afraid that I have no other choice but getting myself a job and stop asking money from mom.

Finally met her

YES! I finally catch up with my best friend, Wenny, for being so distance for the last two and a half years. I picked her up in her house on Friday noon right after my accounting theory class and then we went to Trans Mall to buy a few things and had dinner in Kampoeng Popsa.

Kampoeng Popsa
We talked about all of the things that we both had been missing from each other and honestly, after all the s*its that she'd been through, I really feel terrible for not being her crying shoulder when she needed me because we were separated by the ocean (haha I'm exaggerating, I know!).

In case you don't know, I lived in Makassar (a city in South Sulawesi) and Wenny lived in Jakarta, but she is originally from Toraja (a small city in South Sulawesi) and I'm originally not from either South Sulawesi nor Jakarta. We first met in Binus University in our freshman year (I went to Binus University before I moved to Atma Jaya Catholic University Makassar) and have been best friends since then. She came back to Makassar because she has nothing to do while waiting for her graduation on November 20th. She hasn't changed at all, she's still the same old Wenny that I love... 

I had so much fun catching up with you, Wenny and believe me that you deserve better (you know what I mean *wink*).

The House is in Silent Mode

My house has turned in to a ghost house since the last couple of days; it's completely quiet. No screaming, no yelling, no crying, nothing. Why? Well, it's because my oldest nephew, Ipin, went home to Manado with his mother on Oct 6 (Saturday). While my uncle also went home to Manado on Oct 8 (Monday). 
So it's back to only me and my mom at home, just the two of us with two empty rooms and silent-mode house. 
This morning while I was driving my mom to work, she said, "last night was the first time after two months I am able to sleep fantastically well, no interruption, yet somehow I miss those crying and screaming of Ipin at night." Yeah well, so do I! Even though sometimes I feel like I want to strangle Ipin for making a lot of noise at night and disturbing my sleep, I can't deny that I freaking miss him so much!
Two nights ago, my mom and I watched Ipin videos from my computer and she just burst into tears. Duh! You know what they say about Grandmothers, they love their grandchildren much more than they do to their children...


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