Twitter, Updates' Paradise

A couple of months lately, there is a web that show up very famous in the middle of Hollywood A-listers, called twitter. Paris hilton a.k.a babygirlparis, Ashton Kutcher a.k.a aplusk, and many more other A-listers that addicted to twitter. It is mainly give the users sharing ’bout their activities, sharing links, and even photos. I usually called twitter as Update’s Paradise web bcoz I can update my status every seconds and it is very easy.

What makes twitter different from the other friendship’s tool website such as facebook, myspace, hi5, etc is that twitter only have one main feature : updating status. Updating status is the main purpose of this website.

Some Changes

Well, this is out from my habit but I did some changes in this blog. Almost all the posts are deleted and I'm going to write some of my experiences, most of are what I recently doing, technology, traveling, culinary, and other side of every place that I ever visited.

I also need some suggestions from you about what I should write in this blog, we are also can share everything here, I'm open to all suggestions. You can just hit me up on my email : for any suggestions or things that you want to share about.
Once again, thanks for reading.

Warmest Regards,


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