Before I sign out for three weeks, I wanna post this thing first.
I found these picture yesterday when i was trying to get my traveling pictures. Mostly when I was a kid. I was a badas* when I was a kid :D

Holiday in Wamena, Papua (look at the naked man in the right of this pic, I swear it's not me! haha)

Sitting in the deck of a ship

Holiday in a ship when I was about 6 or 7 yo.

My 5th Birthday Party. I'm the one who wear red dress and red hat. Wasn't I cute?

Stylish Blogger Award

Actually I got this award from my sister a couple days ago but I was too busy with my new posts which was in queue (ahem hehe). My sister is a blogaholic, she has like so many followers and I only got six (poor me).

Sooo thanks mucho to Asty for choosing my blog as one of the Stylish Blogger Award. Much much appreciated.

The rule is that we have to post this in our blog and do several things as such what I'm about to do below (stay tune and read):

Share 8 things about myself

1. An Acrophobic and Claustrophobic
Acrophobia is a fear of heights. Or based on Wikipedia, Acrophobia is an extreme or irrational fear of heights. Whereas, Claustrophobia is fear of confined spaces. Or according to Wikipedia (again), Claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape and being closed in, it is typically classified as an anxiety order and often results in panic attack.
I have been an acrophobic since I was 17 years old, since I (almost) had an airplane accident, you can actually read how the accident almost happened on my older post Fear of Flying. And the Claustrophobic, I guess I realised that I'm a claustrophobic about last year. I don't like to seat in the back of the car or being in a small space, my react would be like difficult to breath and panic.

2. (A Bit) Careless
No wonder I lost my phone twice last year and once this year. I also lost my usb (which contains so many important files) last month. I don't put things at the same place so I usually spend my morning looking for my stuffs, I need to be organized a lil bit I guess.

3. Not A Big Fan of Animals
It is not that I hate animals, I just don't feel comfortable when I'm around any of them. We barely have pets in our house because of this. So zoo is definitely not the kind of place for vacation that I like.

4. Prefer To Travel Alone
Why? Because traveling with friends or many people can be irritating. If I want to go sightseeing, the other wants to go shopping or sleep in the hotel or just chilling in the pool, which is annoying. So, I prefer to traveling ALONE. I can go to anywhere I wanna go. I can do whatever I want to do. And the fun part is, I can get lost by myself! By traveling alone, I can have so many new friends and exchange informations about which place to visit and where to buy cheap stuffs etc. Ahh! And I can choose when to get back home, it's totally up to me! If you never tried traveling alone, be sure to try because it would be a total fun! I pinky promise you ;)

5. Spongebob Squarepants Maniac

Biweekly Music Chart

This post contains the chart of March 2011 based on my judgement :)
Click on the picture to watch the music video ;)

Born This Way

#2. DR. DRE feat EMINEM & Skylar Grey
I Need A Doctor

#3. PINK
F**kin' Perfect

Photo Shoot

A friend of mine took a photography class and had a task to shoot woman as a model so she asked me to volunteer. This is some of the pictures (I keep some for myself but I have some other to post here). 

So what do you guys think? Good, no?


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