Happy Holidays!

Dutch Colonialism building
 I’m spending my Christmas break in Jogjakarta, visiting my sister and her little family. Well, to be pretty honest I don’t really enjoy flying of total 3 hours from Makassar to Jogja, but since I hadn’t seen my newly born baby nephew, I fought my acrophobia and claustrophobia anyway.

I’ve been here for 7 days now and I’m going home tomorrow morning with a 2-hours layover in Jakarta, so I’ll be arriving in Makassar at about 5 PM local time.
I’ve been spending this break helping out my sister and her hubby run their business, which is fun (I’m not being sarcastic, it’s truly fun). Also, working on some papers that my professors decided to gave those damn last minute assignments. “You guys need to freshen up your mind during holiday that’s why we give y’all a little bit of assignments.” That’s what almost all of the professors said when my classmates and I were complaining.
Behind the Dutch 'leftover' building after moreless 200 years of colonialism
Anyway, my sister and I went to along Malioboro Street two nights ago, we did a wee bit of shopping and sightseeing, not to mention taking metric tons of pictures hhehe. So, here are some of the pictures taken 2 days ago.
My sister and I (I'm on the left wearing glasses)
The horse ride on my left.
In the mean time, Happy Holidays ;)

Airlines & Airports

You know what they say, what you give is what you got. 
Cheap airlines = wee bit of space between your legs and the front seat.
Here's pretty much of my voyage from Makassar to Jogjakarta with a layover in Jakarta.

The boarding room - Hasanuddin International Airport of Makassar

The boarding lobby - Hasanuddin International Airport of Makassar

Adisucipto International Airport of Jogjakarta

Can you see the difference between these two airports? Yeah, I enjoy spending time in Makassar's Airport because it's so modern, clean, and cozy.

My Mom is the "FUNNIEST" Lady on Earth

You know parents, they always expect you to have good grades in school. But what they don't realize is that good grades don't just come up like magic. It takes hard work, study, reading loads of books, doing assignments. 
This has happened plenty of times and I just can't take it anymore. EVERY TIME I am in front of the computer working on my assignments (presentation, paper, research, etc) she always bugs me! Ask me to do this and that; small things that she can do it herself, but no, she'd rather distract my concentration by telling me to do simple things that she doesn't feel like doing it. Sometimes I said yes, sometimes I said yes but whining, and sometimes I refuse because I got tons of things to do.
Like this morning, for example, she told me to move the car 5-10 meters from our garage while I was working on powerpoint making a presentation for Management Audit class that due TOMORROW! I bluntly said no because I'm busy working on my assignment. But then she pissed off and said,"You lazy ass don't wanna move the car, it's just a simple thing to do."
If it's a simple thing to do, then why doesn't she do it herself? She's been doing nothing but watch TV which very noisy (she puts the TV volume out loud) and disturbing my concentration.
She said she wants me to have good grades, my GPA is 3.3 so far, but under this kind of circumstances I don't think I can raise that up. Why do parents can be such a pain in the ass? They want you to have good grades but can't stop distracting your concentration. She barely gives me any money, so I have to pretend that I'm full at school, sometimes I ran to my car and just sat there during class break because I'm embarrassed that my friends would found out that I don't have any money to buy foods at campus, so I'll just wait inside the car until the next class started.
I don't wanna find a part time job because I'm afraid it would ruin my school, but I also am afraid that I have no other choice but getting myself a job and stop asking money from mom.

Finally met her

YES! I finally catch up with my best friend, Wenny, for being so distance for the last two and a half years. I picked her up in her house on Friday noon right after my accounting theory class and then we went to Trans Mall to buy a few things and had dinner in Kampoeng Popsa.

Kampoeng Popsa
We talked about all of the things that we both had been missing from each other and honestly, after all the s*its that she'd been through, I really feel terrible for not being her crying shoulder when she needed me because we were separated by the ocean (haha I'm exaggerating, I know!).

In case you don't know, I lived in Makassar (a city in South Sulawesi) and Wenny lived in Jakarta, but she is originally from Toraja (a small city in South Sulawesi) and I'm originally not from either South Sulawesi nor Jakarta. We first met in Binus University in our freshman year (I went to Binus University before I moved to Atma Jaya Catholic University Makassar) and have been best friends since then. She came back to Makassar because she has nothing to do while waiting for her graduation on November 20th. She hasn't changed at all, she's still the same old Wenny that I love... 

I had so much fun catching up with you, Wenny and believe me that you deserve better (you know what I mean *wink*).

The House is in Silent Mode

My house has turned in to a ghost house since the last couple of days; it's completely quiet. No screaming, no yelling, no crying, nothing. Why? Well, it's because my oldest nephew, Ipin, went home to Manado with his mother on Oct 6 (Saturday). While my uncle also went home to Manado on Oct 8 (Monday). 
So it's back to only me and my mom at home, just the two of us with two empty rooms and silent-mode house. 
This morning while I was driving my mom to work, she said, "last night was the first time after two months I am able to sleep fantastically well, no interruption, yet somehow I miss those crying and screaming of Ipin at night." Yeah well, so do I! Even though sometimes I feel like I want to strangle Ipin for making a lot of noise at night and disturbing my sleep, I can't deny that I freaking miss him so much!
Two nights ago, my mom and I watched Ipin videos from my computer and she just burst into tears. Duh! You know what they say about Grandmothers, they love their grandchildren much more than they do to their children...

Stay Up Late

I slept at 3.30 AM last night and woke up at 5 AM this morning which means I only had one and a half hour of sleep. 

It wasn't because I went partying or anything, but it was because I worked on my college assignments. I have done three assignments so far: (1) summary of science philosophy chapter one, (2) nine-pages of auditor profesional ethics and code of conduct paper, and (3) crosswords for English literature class. 

The last one is a piece of cake, but writing a paper of auditor profesional ethics and code of conduct from AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) is definitely not that easy. Not to mention my nephew, Ipin, kept bugging me, hitting on the computer keyboard randomly, teasing me to play with him and stuffs. I actually really wanted to play with him as he's gonna go home to Manado (one and a half hour flying from here) next Saturday but I'm being chased by deadlines so I kind of ignored him instead.

There are still three assignments that I haven't done yet: (1) paper and presentation of International Accounting Harmonization for International Accounting class due on Oct 12, (2) paper of Tax Treaty between Indonesia and the United States of America due on Oct10, and (3) 'Implementation of Signaling Theory Towards Corporate Action' presentation for Accounting Seminar class due on Oct 23.

This morning while I was browsing for tax treaty between Indonesia and the USA, my mom and uncle Wulan argued over stupid things as always; my uncle is an ignorant and my mom is bad tempered, they make the perfect World War III trigger. I wonder when will I ever have a nice, peaceful, and quiet morning so I can enjoy the weekend eventhough I have to work on college stuffs.

My sister, Santy, and Ipin is sleeping in the guest room right now. I got stuck when writing for Research Methodology class's paper and that's why I'm writing this totally random and annoying post. I'M DESPERATELY IN NEED OF INSPIRATION!!!

Party Class

So, I actually just got back from Pizza Hut for the party class of my Fluo English class. My friends and I had the final test for level 9 last Wednesday and our class is probably gonna start between Monday (10/1) or the next Monday (10/8).
Anyway, there were seven of us in Pizza Hut, Ratu Indah Mall. Sophie, Emma, Yohanna, Citra, Farid, Rico, and I ate three large pan of pizza (two americanas and one meat lovers) with one pitcher of lemon tea and a pitcher of coke.
Farid and I brought our camera and we started to took alot of random pictures, we also played games in Yohanna's iPad.


Farid and Rico

Emma, Rico, Sophie, Citra, and Yohanna

Emma, Sophie, Citra, and Yohanna


Ahhhh... right

I know!!! It's been long since my last post.
As the new semester of college started about three weeks ago, I've been crazily caught up with assignments (tons of them). I'm taking 24 credits, consist of 9 subjects:
  • Audit Management -- 3 credits
  • Internal Audit -- 3 credits
  • English Literature -- 2 credits
  • Accounting Seminars -- 3 credits
  • Introduction to Auditing -- 2 credits (I actually retake this class, I failed last semester haha)
  • Research Methodology -- 3 credits
  • Science Philosophy -- 2 credits
  • International Accounting -- 3 credits
  • Accounting Theory -- 3 credits
I literally sleep at 11 PM or 1 AM for having my assignments done and then wake up at 4 AM to read the materials for the day then left to campus at 6.30AM and got home at 5.30 PM, take a light shower, working on my assignments and read books again until 11PM or 1AM -- EVERY MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY!
I spend my Saturday having assignments done and reading some books related to auditing (I've been really into auditing at the moment). My Sunday is all about sleep, I recharge my energy in order to get ready for the long week.

Oh, I have another nephew three weeks ago! My middle sister gave birth to her first baby boy after four years of marriage. My nephew's name is Naufal Nadhirrizky Supangkat. I haven't had a chance to see Naufal in person because I live in different city with my sister and the only way to get to my sister's city is by flying with plane for 2 hours. Here's a picture of my lovely beautiful nephew:

My Katy Perry's Thinking of You Lipsync

My friend (named Akbar) and I were hanging out the other day and we came up with this random idea of making a lipsync video of Katy Perry. We used Akbar's iPhone 4 and Video Star application. It turned out really cool so Akbar and I uploaded this video to each of our youtube account. Check it out and I hope you enjoy it :)

Use Twitter Wisely Or You Might Gonna Lose Your Real Friends

The overwhelmingly annoying trending topics.

If you are one of twitter's users then you probably have been noticing that there's something odd. Take a look at the left side bar and you will know what it is.

It's the TRENDING TOPICS! If you set your trending topics preference to "worldwide" then you will find that the topics that’s been trending are all useless (sometimes freaky). Some of them are in Indonesian and it’s just embarrassing. Why? Because most of twitter’s (hyper) active user are teenagers. And if the trending topics are in Indonesian, then it means that most of Indonesian teenagers don’t have anything to do but hyperactively tweet about tons of crap which also means they are freak. Again, why? Because if they’re busy at school, doing homework at home, active in organizations, hang out with (real) friends, doing something useful for themselves – then their mind and time would be occupied with all of those activities. But then again, they have their time occupied tweeting. Why? Because they probably aren’t very sociable, geek, nerd, or don’t have any friends to hang out with. So instead of going out, they spend their times tweeting and use all of the trending topics in order to get virtual friends on twitter.

I have a friend in campus that I’ve only known for a few months and we ride home together sometimes, let’s just call her Marissa (this isn’t her real name). A couple days ago when we were walking down the main hall from the north side to the south side, almost everyone called my name and I had to politely stop for one minute or two just to say hi and ask how they’re doing. And they were spreading along the hallway so it took almost twenty minutes for me to literally get into the end of it.

Marissa looked surprise and asked me, “Are they your friends? How could you know so many people?”

I whispered, “The truth is, I only know a few of them. I know some of their faces but I don’t know their names. As for the rest, I don’t even know their name neither recognize their faces but I was just trying to be polite so I made a small talk. I’ll memorize their faces then secretly ask my closest friends what are their names if we meet again later.” Then we laughed.

Marissa can’t really mingle with people. I notice that because we have several classes together. Every time I step into the classroom, people are sitting around their friends but she’ll sit alone and play with her blackberry. No one talks to her unless if they need to borrow something. So if I choose a seat next to my closed friends, she’ll move next to me. God knows that I can’t stand being in one place for too long, so I usually just go around the classroom and chat or gossiping with the others until the class begin, but Marissa just sit and busy with her blackberry (tweeting). I followed her the other day and she has a lot of friends on twitter, she looks very popular on twitter.

Sad fact, isn't it? I’d rather have tons of friends in my real life than in the virtual web. What’s the point of having plenty of virtual friends if we don’t have one real friend who can physically be there for us to share everything with?

The funny thing is that I don’t have much followers or virtual friends on twitter, so I just tweet some random things about anything and barely have a virtual conversation on twitter.

Back to the trending topics’ craziness, I am embarrassed and pretty sad for the fact that most Indonesian teenagers can’t stand being away from their smart phones for more than a minute. I actually had a blackberry last year but it broke so I just use ordinary phone now. Believe it or not, since it costs much to surf the internet with my ordinary phone, my GPA is getting higher than when I use Smartphone. Why? Because instead of checking on emails or tweets on my phone, I spend my time reading books, doing homework, and mingling with my friends.

A wise woman once told me: “I don’t use a Smartphone because I already am smart.”
I like my ordinary phone much more than I used to love my blackberry, because this ordinary phone brings me closer to my real friends. 

What about you? Do you have the same thought as I do?


There are  only a few bands in this world that can produce such good songs in one album since they were formed; and Coldplay is one of those rare bands.
I have been listen to the whole songs of their newest album, Mylo Xyloto, and I just love all of them! Every bit of every single song. These are some of Coldplay's songs that I completely love.

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall



Viva La Vida

Princess of China feat Rihanna

Holla August!

Another month has gone by. Goodbye July, holla August!
Well, I’m going to write things that have happened since my last post.

English Class
First off, I started my English class in Fluo Institute which is super fun! My teacher, Sophie is very easy-going and creative. I actually thought that my first day would be awkward and kind of boring but it was a complete fun. There are 5 students; Rico, Yohanna, Bobby, Kiki, and I. They’re so funny. Rico, for an instance, has this (unconsciously) a bit crush on John (John is another teacher in Fluo whom I haven’t met yet but I’ve heard a lot about him from Rico lol). We teased Rico every time he talks about John and his face would be all red. And Bobby, he is the funniest of all. First glance, you would’ve thought that he’s an innocent geek guy, but believe me that he is not innocent nor geek. He swears all the time! Bobby is obsessed with Megan Fox and I honestly think that he should go see a psychiatric to get over her hahaha. He also talks about how he doesn’t like Nicki Minaj because of her fake boobs and butt. As for Yohanna and Kiki, they don’t really talk much in the class but sometimes we throw jokes and teased the others all together. Oh, we have one general rule in the class. We have to do the “naughty step” when we (1) talk dirty or swear or curse, (2) using our phone during class, and (3) talk in Indonesian. So naughty-step is a form of punishment where we have to stand in the corner of the classroom for 1-2 minutes.

Moody or inconsistent?
Lately I’ve been changing my mind a lot! Until last month I was really in love with Adam Levine and I’d always thought that I want a husband like him. But then recently (maybe a few weeks lately), out of nowhere, it got me so bored seeing him on TV, magazines, even twitter. It got me thinking that maybe I’ve been in love to his tattoos, not him. His tattoos are so cool but I don’t really think so about him. He’s boring. He’s just another good-looking musician who has a great body shape and that’s it. I guess, he’s just another, you know, bad guy that you would love to spent some time with, but not the one that you would take home and introduce to your parents. Point is, he’s just the kind of guy that you have fun with but not the one you spend the rest of your life with.
Novak Djokovic. I was a HUGE fan of him last year. He’s very charming on court and I just fell in love when I saw him the first time he played in Barcelona last year. But, it all changed in Australian Open when he played in the final against Rafael Nadal. To be honest, before Australian Open, I didn’t really like Rafael Nadal. But now, I just can’t stand to watch Djokovic’s matches and I just love it when he lost his matches. I turned to like Rafael Nadal instead.
And here’s another one. A couple months ago, I was obsessed with John Vesely (Secondhand Serenade) and I couldn’t stop tweet him every single day. I wanted him to follow me (I act like a freak teenager, I know!). After tons of my (annoying) tweets, he finally followed me on twitter. The next day after he followed me, I stopped listen to his songs and removed them from my favorite playlist in ITunes. If I’m driving and the radio plays his songs, I’ll change the radio channel. I don’t like him anymore.
I used to like to let the TV on while I’m asleep, now I just can’t sleep if the TV is still on (even if it’s mute).
I don’t know whether I’m a moody person or inconsistent? Either way, I suppose that we, as human-being change our mind a lot, right? Or is it just me?

IFRS is International Financial Reporting Standards. My intermediate financial accounting lecturer, Mr. Marsel gave us a copy of his English version of IFRS e-book by Barry J. Epstein and Eva K. Jermakowicz. He wants us to read the 1200-something pages book as a supplement material to our literature book (Intermediate Accounting by Kieso & Weygandt). Good Lord! So I’ve been reading IFRS for a week now and I’m on the page 39. Yes, it took me a week to get to page 39. It’s in Accounting English! Not just in ordinary daily English that you watch on TV, it’s a very complicated form of English and most of its not-so-common terms. This would take ages for me to read and probably by the time I finish reading, some of the IFRS rules have changed.

Drove Around Town
Last week after class in campus, I decided to drive around town for an hour and took some pictures. This city has been changing a lot since I first moved here two years ago.

Statistics for Economy's Presentation

So the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Bartholomeus is also the lecturer in one of my course which is Statistics for Economy. On Tuesday (July 17), he appointed me to be the Group 1 leader and choose 2-3 people as my team and make a presentation for the Friday (July 20) class. 
Slide 1-8
Unfortunately, I didn't attend the Tuesday class and all of my friends already have groups. I panicked that I only had 3 days to make a presentation as well as the paper. I went to the library and borrowed several books. Then I went home and worked on PowerPoint for the presentation and wrote the paper from 4.00 PM until 1.00 AM. 
The next day (Thursday), I realized that I still haven’t got any partners yet! I panicked again. So I went to campus and checked on the student list to see students who didn’t attend the Tuesday class (I figured they must hadn’t have any groups yet). I came up with nine names, but I got so disappointed after calling six of them because apparently they already had formed their own groups. Three names left; one female and two males (Meivia, Abdias, and Rizcky). The worst part is that I don't even know any of them, so I asked everyone I know for those 3 people's number. Thank God, because I'm a transferred-student, I know almost all of the Accounting students from the freshman until the seniors and some of them know those 3 people's number.
Slide 9-16
So I texted and called them. Abdias didn't pick up his phone neither replied my texts. So I moved on to Meivia and Rizcky. They both agreed to join in my group so I add their names and student ID number to the presentation and paper. I sent them the presentation material via email and explained them what to do, etc.
This morning (Friday, July 20) is the execution day. When I came to the class there were only two students; and I wondered if they were in my team (I've never seen neither Meivia nor Rizcky before). But when I was walking into the class, the guy who sat in the front line starred at me and I spontaneously asked, “Are you Rizcky?" and he was like,"Yup." So I grabbed a seat next to him and started to talk about our presentation whatsoever. Twenty minutes later, the class was almost full and Prof. Bartho stepped into the class.
I was worried because Meivia hadn't come yet. But Prof. Bartho asked us to start our presentation, so Rizcky and I started without Meivia. After our presentation end, that's when Meivia came. She took a chair next to me and said, “I thought the class started at 10.30.” I just smiled and said, “It’s okay. We’re on the discussion session now, I’ll give you the answer of each question and you’ll be the speaker for our team.”
Prof. Bartho was like, “Looks like Meivia’s gonna have to retake this course next semester.” The whole room went into an awkward silent.
Slide 17-22
Then as I expected, there were loads of questions asked by Prof. Bartho. None of my classmates asked any questions because they were kind of terrified. Well, most of the questions were answered by me, but I also whispered and wrote other answers to both Meivia and Rizcky for them to answer so that I wouldn’t be look so dominant in the team. There was a question that I actually knew the answer but I pretended that I didn’t know because I had answered way too many questions. Prof. Bartho said that we did a good presentation. Well, without Meivia and Rizcky agreed to join my group, I would probably had the presentation all alone and eventually Prof. Bartho would be mad at me for being not able to found any partners. So, thanks to Meivia and Rizcky for saving my life!

As happy as I can be!

I woke up this morning with an unusual excitement (in a good way). Last night, I got the best sleep I have never got in the last two months. Then I turned the computer on, checking up on emails as always, and I got several interesting emails. Best of all, the guy that I have a crush on since last year, texted me then called and we talked a lot. Mostly about our courses and stuffs but you know when you have a crush on someone, you don't care about anything but to hear their voice right? I'm not gonna tell who is that guy since I worried that he or my college mates read this.

So if you were to ask how's my day been? I'll answer "My day's been aaaaaaaaaa....wesome! And I'm as happy as I can be today!"
Good mood? Heck yeah baby!!!!

Here's a random picture of me for today:
No make up this time...


So, a few months ago, my mom's office was having an annual family retreat and of course I came along. The retreat location was very beautiful! It's like a villa in the sea shore and it's just a terrific place to spend the weekend or any holidays. This place name is Galesong beach. I'm not gonna talk much, so just take a look at the pictures below.



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