Use Twitter Wisely Or You Might Gonna Lose Your Real Friends

The overwhelmingly annoying trending topics.

If you are one of twitter's users then you probably have been noticing that there's something odd. Take a look at the left side bar and you will know what it is.

It's the TRENDING TOPICS! If you set your trending topics preference to "worldwide" then you will find that the topics that’s been trending are all useless (sometimes freaky). Some of them are in Indonesian and it’s just embarrassing. Why? Because most of twitter’s (hyper) active user are teenagers. And if the trending topics are in Indonesian, then it means that most of Indonesian teenagers don’t have anything to do but hyperactively tweet about tons of crap which also means they are freak. Again, why? Because if they’re busy at school, doing homework at home, active in organizations, hang out with (real) friends, doing something useful for themselves – then their mind and time would be occupied with all of those activities. But then again, they have their time occupied tweeting. Why? Because they probably aren’t very sociable, geek, nerd, or don’t have any friends to hang out with. So instead of going out, they spend their times tweeting and use all of the trending topics in order to get virtual friends on twitter.

I have a friend in campus that I’ve only known for a few months and we ride home together sometimes, let’s just call her Marissa (this isn’t her real name). A couple days ago when we were walking down the main hall from the north side to the south side, almost everyone called my name and I had to politely stop for one minute or two just to say hi and ask how they’re doing. And they were spreading along the hallway so it took almost twenty minutes for me to literally get into the end of it.

Marissa looked surprise and asked me, “Are they your friends? How could you know so many people?”

I whispered, “The truth is, I only know a few of them. I know some of their faces but I don’t know their names. As for the rest, I don’t even know their name neither recognize their faces but I was just trying to be polite so I made a small talk. I’ll memorize their faces then secretly ask my closest friends what are their names if we meet again later.” Then we laughed.

Marissa can’t really mingle with people. I notice that because we have several classes together. Every time I step into the classroom, people are sitting around their friends but she’ll sit alone and play with her blackberry. No one talks to her unless if they need to borrow something. So if I choose a seat next to my closed friends, she’ll move next to me. God knows that I can’t stand being in one place for too long, so I usually just go around the classroom and chat or gossiping with the others until the class begin, but Marissa just sit and busy with her blackberry (tweeting). I followed her the other day and she has a lot of friends on twitter, she looks very popular on twitter.

Sad fact, isn't it? I’d rather have tons of friends in my real life than in the virtual web. What’s the point of having plenty of virtual friends if we don’t have one real friend who can physically be there for us to share everything with?

The funny thing is that I don’t have much followers or virtual friends on twitter, so I just tweet some random things about anything and barely have a virtual conversation on twitter.

Back to the trending topics’ craziness, I am embarrassed and pretty sad for the fact that most Indonesian teenagers can’t stand being away from their smart phones for more than a minute. I actually had a blackberry last year but it broke so I just use ordinary phone now. Believe it or not, since it costs much to surf the internet with my ordinary phone, my GPA is getting higher than when I use Smartphone. Why? Because instead of checking on emails or tweets on my phone, I spend my time reading books, doing homework, and mingling with my friends.

A wise woman once told me: “I don’t use a Smartphone because I already am smart.”
I like my ordinary phone much more than I used to love my blackberry, because this ordinary phone brings me closer to my real friends. 

What about you? Do you have the same thought as I do?


There are  only a few bands in this world that can produce such good songs in one album since they were formed; and Coldplay is one of those rare bands.
I have been listen to the whole songs of their newest album, Mylo Xyloto, and I just love all of them! Every bit of every single song. These are some of Coldplay's songs that I completely love.

Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall



Viva La Vida

Princess of China feat Rihanna

Holla August!

Another month has gone by. Goodbye July, holla August!
Well, I’m going to write things that have happened since my last post.

English Class
First off, I started my English class in Fluo Institute which is super fun! My teacher, Sophie is very easy-going and creative. I actually thought that my first day would be awkward and kind of boring but it was a complete fun. There are 5 students; Rico, Yohanna, Bobby, Kiki, and I. They’re so funny. Rico, for an instance, has this (unconsciously) a bit crush on John (John is another teacher in Fluo whom I haven’t met yet but I’ve heard a lot about him from Rico lol). We teased Rico every time he talks about John and his face would be all red. And Bobby, he is the funniest of all. First glance, you would’ve thought that he’s an innocent geek guy, but believe me that he is not innocent nor geek. He swears all the time! Bobby is obsessed with Megan Fox and I honestly think that he should go see a psychiatric to get over her hahaha. He also talks about how he doesn’t like Nicki Minaj because of her fake boobs and butt. As for Yohanna and Kiki, they don’t really talk much in the class but sometimes we throw jokes and teased the others all together. Oh, we have one general rule in the class. We have to do the “naughty step” when we (1) talk dirty or swear or curse, (2) using our phone during class, and (3) talk in Indonesian. So naughty-step is a form of punishment where we have to stand in the corner of the classroom for 1-2 minutes.

Moody or inconsistent?
Lately I’ve been changing my mind a lot! Until last month I was really in love with Adam Levine and I’d always thought that I want a husband like him. But then recently (maybe a few weeks lately), out of nowhere, it got me so bored seeing him on TV, magazines, even twitter. It got me thinking that maybe I’ve been in love to his tattoos, not him. His tattoos are so cool but I don’t really think so about him. He’s boring. He’s just another good-looking musician who has a great body shape and that’s it. I guess, he’s just another, you know, bad guy that you would love to spent some time with, but not the one that you would take home and introduce to your parents. Point is, he’s just the kind of guy that you have fun with but not the one you spend the rest of your life with.
Novak Djokovic. I was a HUGE fan of him last year. He’s very charming on court and I just fell in love when I saw him the first time he played in Barcelona last year. But, it all changed in Australian Open when he played in the final against Rafael Nadal. To be honest, before Australian Open, I didn’t really like Rafael Nadal. But now, I just can’t stand to watch Djokovic’s matches and I just love it when he lost his matches. I turned to like Rafael Nadal instead.
And here’s another one. A couple months ago, I was obsessed with John Vesely (Secondhand Serenade) and I couldn’t stop tweet him every single day. I wanted him to follow me (I act like a freak teenager, I know!). After tons of my (annoying) tweets, he finally followed me on twitter. The next day after he followed me, I stopped listen to his songs and removed them from my favorite playlist in ITunes. If I’m driving and the radio plays his songs, I’ll change the radio channel. I don’t like him anymore.
I used to like to let the TV on while I’m asleep, now I just can’t sleep if the TV is still on (even if it’s mute).
I don’t know whether I’m a moody person or inconsistent? Either way, I suppose that we, as human-being change our mind a lot, right? Or is it just me?

IFRS is International Financial Reporting Standards. My intermediate financial accounting lecturer, Mr. Marsel gave us a copy of his English version of IFRS e-book by Barry J. Epstein and Eva K. Jermakowicz. He wants us to read the 1200-something pages book as a supplement material to our literature book (Intermediate Accounting by Kieso & Weygandt). Good Lord! So I’ve been reading IFRS for a week now and I’m on the page 39. Yes, it took me a week to get to page 39. It’s in Accounting English! Not just in ordinary daily English that you watch on TV, it’s a very complicated form of English and most of its not-so-common terms. This would take ages for me to read and probably by the time I finish reading, some of the IFRS rules have changed.

Drove Around Town
Last week after class in campus, I decided to drive around town for an hour and took some pictures. This city has been changing a lot since I first moved here two years ago.


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