Statistics for Economy's Presentation

So the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Bartholomeus is also the lecturer in one of my course which is Statistics for Economy. On Tuesday (July 17), he appointed me to be the Group 1 leader and choose 2-3 people as my team and make a presentation for the Friday (July 20) class. 
Slide 1-8
Unfortunately, I didn't attend the Tuesday class and all of my friends already have groups. I panicked that I only had 3 days to make a presentation as well as the paper. I went to the library and borrowed several books. Then I went home and worked on PowerPoint for the presentation and wrote the paper from 4.00 PM until 1.00 AM. 
The next day (Thursday), I realized that I still haven’t got any partners yet! I panicked again. So I went to campus and checked on the student list to see students who didn’t attend the Tuesday class (I figured they must hadn’t have any groups yet). I came up with nine names, but I got so disappointed after calling six of them because apparently they already had formed their own groups. Three names left; one female and two males (Meivia, Abdias, and Rizcky). The worst part is that I don't even know any of them, so I asked everyone I know for those 3 people's number. Thank God, because I'm a transferred-student, I know almost all of the Accounting students from the freshman until the seniors and some of them know those 3 people's number.
Slide 9-16
So I texted and called them. Abdias didn't pick up his phone neither replied my texts. So I moved on to Meivia and Rizcky. They both agreed to join in my group so I add their names and student ID number to the presentation and paper. I sent them the presentation material via email and explained them what to do, etc.
This morning (Friday, July 20) is the execution day. When I came to the class there were only two students; and I wondered if they were in my team (I've never seen neither Meivia nor Rizcky before). But when I was walking into the class, the guy who sat in the front line starred at me and I spontaneously asked, “Are you Rizcky?" and he was like,"Yup." So I grabbed a seat next to him and started to talk about our presentation whatsoever. Twenty minutes later, the class was almost full and Prof. Bartho stepped into the class.
I was worried because Meivia hadn't come yet. But Prof. Bartho asked us to start our presentation, so Rizcky and I started without Meivia. After our presentation end, that's when Meivia came. She took a chair next to me and said, “I thought the class started at 10.30.” I just smiled and said, “It’s okay. We’re on the discussion session now, I’ll give you the answer of each question and you’ll be the speaker for our team.”
Prof. Bartho was like, “Looks like Meivia’s gonna have to retake this course next semester.” The whole room went into an awkward silent.
Slide 17-22
Then as I expected, there were loads of questions asked by Prof. Bartho. None of my classmates asked any questions because they were kind of terrified. Well, most of the questions were answered by me, but I also whispered and wrote other answers to both Meivia and Rizcky for them to answer so that I wouldn’t be look so dominant in the team. There was a question that I actually knew the answer but I pretended that I didn’t know because I had answered way too many questions. Prof. Bartho said that we did a good presentation. Well, without Meivia and Rizcky agreed to join my group, I would probably had the presentation all alone and eventually Prof. Bartho would be mad at me for being not able to found any partners. So, thanks to Meivia and Rizcky for saving my life!

As happy as I can be!

I woke up this morning with an unusual excitement (in a good way). Last night, I got the best sleep I have never got in the last two months. Then I turned the computer on, checking up on emails as always, and I got several interesting emails. Best of all, the guy that I have a crush on since last year, texted me then called and we talked a lot. Mostly about our courses and stuffs but you know when you have a crush on someone, you don't care about anything but to hear their voice right? I'm not gonna tell who is that guy since I worried that he or my college mates read this.

So if you were to ask how's my day been? I'll answer "My day's been aaaaaaaaaa....wesome! And I'm as happy as I can be today!"
Good mood? Heck yeah baby!!!!

Here's a random picture of me for today:
No make up this time...


So, a few months ago, my mom's office was having an annual family retreat and of course I came along. The retreat location was very beautiful! It's like a villa in the sea shore and it's just a terrific place to spend the weekend or any holidays. This place name is Galesong beach. I'm not gonna talk much, so just take a look at the pictures below.


A Glance of Birthday Gifts

Bracelet by Asty; Ring by Moi
I received a lot of bracelets and necklaces from my older sister and her husband, Asty & Bambang, for my 22nd birthday (June 20). And I also got a new nice bag from my oldest sister, Santy.

My favorite necklace :)

My birthday gifts from Asty & Bambang: t-shirt, necklaces, bracelets.

Telkomsel Flash’s ads: “How FLASH are you?” ---> Big Fat Bullshit!

Thanks to my modem provider, Telkomsel Flash, I don’t spend much time surfing the internet anymore. Why? Because most of the time I can’t get myself connect to the internet. A couple months ago, I was desperately in need to connect to the internet to have my homework done by googling some stuff but my internet was dead for the whole week!! Yes, the WHOLE WEEK.
                I dialed 116 for the call centre, and it said that if I want to call the free-of-charge call centre I have to dial 155. And when I did dial 155, the network is busy! Why am I not surprise?
I’m tired of calling the customer service because I can’t even get one of the customer services on the line. All I got was:”Sorry, our customer services are currently occupied. Please wait.” Then they’ll put me on hold forever and play this stupid song I don’t know the existence of. I ended up waiting and waiting then all of sudden they hang up on me!!! Can you believe that?
One time I got myself talked to a customer service, and here’s pretty much the conversation we had:
Me: I can’t connect to the internet since a couple of days and I checked that I still have 700MB left to use this month. Or if I get connected to the internet, the speed is way too slow. Sometimes it’s fast but only for 1-2 hours then it’ll be slow again. And when I hit the disconnect button and hit the connect button again, I can’t get myself connect. It says that I get a failure setting whatsoever. Then the next day when I get myself connect, the speed will go around 1-2 Kbps.
Customer service: Ma'am, maybe there are a lot of people using Telkomsel Flash at the same time near your place, that’s why the internet speed is slow. And the speed limit for the package you use is 384 Kbps.
Me: Don’t bother the maximum speed of 384 Kbps. I barely ever get the speed to 10 Kbps. I’ve tried to online in around 11PM but the speed is still slow. You guys said in TV ads that you have the fastest speed; if this is what you call fast I can’t imagine the slow one.
Customer service: Ma’am, maybe you have to come to our office and we’ll help you sort your problem.

Come to your office? Are you mental? That’s what you are for! Customer service on the phone, so that I don’t have to spend my time and energy to come to your office. A couple weeks ago they were using an excuse “You live in the area where we don’t have near tower for the signal coverage.” Well, what about the fact that Telkomsel always brag about how wide their coverage is – big fat bullshit!
I have never in my life, since using Telkomsel Flash, got the speed as what they promised – maximum of 384 Kbps. The best speed I ever had is 10 Kbps but it’s still slow, and it only lasted for 1 or 2 hours top! After 2 hours, don’t even bother to open the internet. I have lost my temper countless times in order to get a little bit decent speed. I don’t need the 384 Kbps, but at least give me 50 Kbps.
                The worst was two months ago. Instead of staying and doing my college assignments at home, I had to online in either my mom’s office or internet cafe. Don’t even ask why! And when the 30-days of package period ended, there’s 300MB fair usage left (out of 700 MB) which I couldn’t use.
                Point is, I’ll throw away Telkomsel Flash into the trash can where it belongs and I’m changing to another modem provider which hopefully not gonna be as disappointing as Telkomsel Flash. Oh and I’m no longer using any of Telkomsel products, either for modem nor phone. No more wasting my money on crap services.

Summer Break Activity

It's 12th of July. It's getting more humid but rain still coming here and there. Summer break is also here before my 3rd year of college begin on early September and I'm planning on taking 24 credits next semester.

2 whole months of break, but not the time to catch a breath just yet because I'm taking Short Semester. It's a 2-months program where students can take maximum 12 credits to improve or remedy previous subjects. 

I figured I had nothing to do besides sitting in front of the computer or watching TV for the whole 2 months, so I choose to take this program. I'm taking 11 credits: Economic Math 2 credits, Intermediate Accounting 3 credits, Economic Statistics 2 credits, and Taxation 3 credits. Sounds fun? Hell no! But what am I supposed to do for the whole summer break if not studying my ass up? Besides, if I want to become a kick ass accountant, I have to study real hard right? So I'm not gonna waste anymore time playing. I got 2 more years until I can attach Bachelor of Economics to my name and another 2 years to got CPA right after.

Today my first Short Semester class begin. I have Taxation at 12.50 AM til 4.00 PM and I'm about to kick it. 

Oh and I took a placement test in Fluo Institute on Tuesday (July 10). It's for my English course. The class is started on July 23 and I'm so excited! I feel like I want to take another course, Spanish language course (I love the way Spaniard talk, sexyyyy!). In the meantime, I'll just brush my English a little bit more for at least a year before taking Spanish class.

Oh, here's a picture of Fluo Institute's brochure (I know this is random but what the hell).

So what are you doing for summer break?

Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles Final: Andy Murray's After-Match Press Conference

Q. Does this one, now that it's over, feel any different than the other ones? How did it feel inside?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, yeah, it's tough. Every one has been different ways. You know, today's pretty hard because, you know, you're playing in front of, you know, a crowd like that. You're playing in front of you know, your family's there, as well, like your whole family has come to watch. So, yeah, it's tough.

Q. Clearly very emotional. Can you take consolation from the way you played?
ANDY MURRAY: I mean, I'd be playing I guess probably the wrong sport if I wasn't emotional. I mean, I thought I played a pretty good match. A lot of close shots, a lot of close games, a lot of breakpoints here and there. You know, he played very, very well the last two sets especially. You know, when the roof closed he played unbelievable tennis.

Q. What was it like, the roar when you came out on court for the first time? It was amazing.
ANDY MURRAY: It was great. The atmosphere was unbelievable, one of the best I've played in. Yeah, that's really all I can say on that. The atmosphere was great. The support was great. You know, I hope it was a good match, even though obviously I lost. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

Q. After all that's happened this fortnight, how much closer do you feel to achieving your ultimate goal?
ANDY MURRAY: I don't know. You know, it's tough to kind of assess after you've just come off the court.
I'd say that's the best I've played in a slam final. You know, I created chances. Obviously went up a set. You know, it was a long match. You know, even the last two sets, I still had chances the game where I got broken in the third set. It was a very, very long game. I had a lot of game points.
It wasn't like I gave away bad games or stupid games and stuff. I played a good match. I made pretty good decisions for the most part, so I'm happy with that.
I felt more comfortable this morning and before the match than I had done maybe in the previous slams.

Q. How do you feel the rain break and playing under the roof changed the dynamics of the match?
ANDY MURRAY: Of course it changed it a bit. The way the court plays is a bit different. I think he served very well when the roof closed. He served better. I think he's not lost an indoor match since 2010, so he plays well under the roof.

Q. The game in the third set that went on for so long, the 19 minute one with 10 or 11 deuces, could you speak about the fortitude it took to stay in that game and then the challenge of letting it go and moving on?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it was tough because both of us had chances. There were breakpoints and game points obviously. I guess that was the longest game of the match.
Yeah, it was tough, a tough game to lose. But, you know, I wasn't disappointed necessarily with the way I played in that game. Yeah, it was a frustrating game to lose, but I still had chances after that.

Q. Do you feel that your performance was affected by the fall that you had?
ANDY MURRAY: No. No, I don't think so.

Q. I appreciate it's difficult for you to assess someone else at the moment, but given that Roger is back at No. 1 in the world, still winning Grand Slams in record numbers when his greatest rivals are at the peak of their careers, do you think Roger will ever be elevated in the discussion of perhaps the greatest athlete in history, alongside the Pele's and Ali's, or what more would he need to do?
ANDY MURRAY: He's up there. Rafa, as well, for me is up there in that conversation, as well. Both of them have been, I mean, yeah, unbelievable athletes. They've been great for the sport.
And, yeah, he's still playing amazing tennis. You know, a lot of people, yeah, have been asking me, Has he started slipping? Is he not playing as well? If you look at the matches he lost the last couple years, very, very close matches, matches he definitely could have won.
You know, he could be sitting on 20 Grand Slams if one point or a couple inches here or there. So he's still playing great tennis. I don't think you get to No. 1 unless you deserve it.
Yeah, it's a great, great week for him.

Q. You've been asked this many times. Obviously this fortnight, especially the last couple days, have taken the excitement of all of Britain to a new level. Can you talk about that achievement and what it's like to be the driving force of that? Do you ever wish you were just another Spaniard?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, yeah, I don't want to speak for any of the people in here, but I know from what I've been getting told, some of the stories the journalists have had to write the last few days have been, you know, some of the biggest for them maybe in their career. They're getting huge spaces in the newspapers, which maybe tennis doesn't always get in this country.
So I think, I mean, it's been a great, great couple of weeks. I think everyone has handled it very well. From what I've been told, the reaction of all of the press and all of the people that have been watching has been unbelievably supportive and positive.
So it's been a great tournament I think for tennis, and I'm glad that I'm part of that.

A long road ahead for Murray

Murray after the emotional exhaustion, cried during after-match speech.

Federer and Murray hugged after a 4-sets-match in Wimbledon

We all agree that the Wimbledon gentlemen’s singles final match between Roger Federer (Switzerland) and Andy Murray (Great Britain) was one hell of a match. The tense, pressure, expectation, roar, fall, rain that the match has, not to mention all the roaring “C’mon Murray!” ended up with a very emotional win by Roger Federer (as of now, World’s #1). The 4-sets match lasted for 3 hours and 24 minutes. 
It was a major let-down for most of the British who had been waiting for this moment since this was the first time after 74 years a British saved a place in the final of Wimbledon gentlemen's singles. But the major let-down only lasted for about 10 minutes. Andy Murray, the man of the day (who came as a Runner Up), put tears in his fans' eyes in the after-match speech right on the center court.
“I am getting closer” said Murray before breaking down in tears. Having taken a deep breath or two and rubbing his eyes, he went on, “I am going to try this and it isn’t going to be easy... I am not going to look at him (Federer) in case I start crying again.” 
To be honest, he made me cried like a baby too. I know how hard the pressure on his shoulder was, how tough the previous matches had been, how much people (Brit, mostly) expected him to win, and how tired he was (emotionally and physically, but I have to say it was mostly emotional exhaustion since people had a huge expectation on him).
It was 9.00 PM in the Central Indonesian Time (GMT +8) when I turned my TV on and changed the channel to Star Sports. I had been waiting for the final match since dinner. As the camera showed Murray and Federer was walking into the Centre Court, I couldn’t help but clapped in my bedroom, tried to keep my voice as low as possible because my mom was sleeping in her bedroom across the hallway. The five-minute warm up went by, and then the first game of the first set started, I sat on the edge of my bed holding a pillow and crossing my finger. I screamed a little bit when Murray got the first point in the first game of the first set. And many more of low-volume screams as he gained more point. I cursed when he lost a point or when Federer gained one. I jumped and danced like an idiot when he won the first set, but I throwed pillows and more pillows to the floor when he lost the second and third set. And when he lost the fourth set to Federer, I couldn’t say a damn word. My mouth was wide open and I couldn’t believe what just happened. I thought it was going to be a 5-sets match and I thought that Murray would win. But he didn’t.
The trophy presentation on the court was a tough one especially when Murray burst into tears. It was the moment when I also had tears in my eyes and cursed at the TV,”Dammit Andy! Look, you make me cry too!”
I watched every Wimbledon 2012 matches of Andy Murray since R1. How tough and amazing he was. I realized that this is his first Wimbledon final, so it’s okay for him to lost this one – this is his first Wimbledon final out of many more in the next years. 
He fought a good match yesterday. It showed from how he fell twice on the ground. First fell was in a drop-shot and then while he was trying to turn sharply on the baseline. Murray had shown a very high-quality match, a quality which could only be shown by a true champion -- a world-class tennis player.
After all, he’s only 25 years old. He still has a very long road ahead and many more of Grand Slams to come. This year he’s a runner up, but God knows in the upcoming Wimbledon or any other Grand Slams championship, he will come up as the winner. At the end of the day, he is still a winner and #1 in his fans heart.
As for me, I expect nothing from this young good-looking man but a good match and many more of it. He had put a history to bed after 74 hurtful years and came out as a finalist. So you’re nothing but a hero, Murray!
Grand slam titles may come and ago, but your fans will stay forever!


Holla Back!

My absence this year and a couple months back in last year kind of tells you that I am pretty busy in college and doing some other important things. So I reckon we have a lot of news to catch up with and I make sure I'll tell y'all everything you've been missing while I was off blogging.

Murray's winning signature
Since the last 2 weeks I have been bugging people in some social network services about Wimbledon. 
For those of you who love sports, tennis in particular, sure knows how important Wimbledon is and the prestigious of this Grand Slam event.
Murray after defeat Nikolay Davidenko
I got my heart broken by Rafael Nadal when he lost the match in R2 (Round 2). It was really heart-breaking, amazingly disappointing and surprisingly devastating for all of us who love and expect Nadal to made it at least to the Quarter Final.
But it doesn't really matter, because Rafa isn't my only hero. Andy Murray, a Scot 25-year-old tennis player is also my favorite and yesterday (last night in Indonesia) Murray defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (France) in 4 sets 6-3, 6-4, 3-6, 7-5.
Quoting from a blog post by Ian Baker in Wimbledon's website:
Great Britain's 11-match SW19 semi-final horror sequence of defeats is finally over as Murray became the first home player to reach a Wimbledon men's singles final since 1938, with a nerve-jangling four sets win over Tsonga. After 74 hurtful years, nothing was ever going to be simple and the final realization that history had at last been put to bed came in anti-climatic fashion.
 And the first question in after-match interview stated:
Q: What were you doing 74 years ago?
Andy Murray: Not a whole lot. (Smiling)
The blog post by Ian Baker and after-match interview show that British people has so many expectation on Murray and after a long and tense match, Murray save himself a seat in the final round where he is going to play against Roger Federer (World's #3) on Sunday (July 8).
Andy Murray during a match versus Ivo Karlovic
To be honest, I love both Federer and Murray; so it doesn't really matter to me about who will finally get the 1st place -- as long as it's not Novak Djokovic. A few times ago in Australian Open, I was a big fan of Djokovic but because of several reasons, I changed my mind and now I'm his biggest hater. I don't like Djokovic's attitude now that he's World's #1.
Either way, this year's Wimbledon has been filled with a lot of surprises, ups and downs, tie-breaks, etc. I expect nothing for Men's final but more surprises and a good (hopefully) 5 sets match.
I happened to have just finished this year's semester and currently waiting for my entire 24-credits grade to be announced. So far, I got A-s for Microeconomics, Advanced Accounting and Accounting Lab. I got B for Financial Management. And C for Operational Management (I kind of hate this subject anyway). So, I'm still looking forward to other grades to come out. In the mean time, I'm going to take an English conversation class for summer break to brush up my English speaking ability.

The biggest news of the year is that my older sister is finally pregnant to my gonna-be nephew. The due date is around late August or early September. My mom has been planning on flying to her city after her labor, and I was planning on the same thing but had to cancel because when I checked on the Academic Calendar, it's exactly where my 3rd year classes begin. So I guess I'll just check on my nephew by Skype. Actually, I was hoping to get a niece this time and it was a major let down when my sister called and said that it's going to be a baby boy. It's okay though, the next one has to be a baby girl so that I'll have someone that I can put cute dresses on, make ups and every girly thingy.

Blood Donor
YES! June 14, 2012 -- a historic day of the year: my first blood donor. Two days before that when I was driving to my mother's office in an intersection red-light, a guy from Indonesian Red Cross handed me a brochure of World Blood Donor Day and I thought "Why not". 
So that day, Thursday, after attended a class in campus, I rushed to the Red Cross branch office accompanied by Quinta (my classmate whose afraid of blood) for my first blood donor. Quinta keeps telling me that she's scared as hell and she's so nervous. I laughed so hard because she wasn't the one who’s going to donor the blood, but she got more scared than I did.
After several medical check-up, one of the nurses took me to a room and then I lay down in one of the bed where the magic happens. 
At first I thought it would be painful and scary but turned out it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would be!!! After a few minutes, the nurse took the needle out of my skin and showed me a bag full of my 250cc-blood.
One of the Red Cross employees gave me a Red Cross mug and a box full of snacks.
The nurse told me that I can donor my blood again in the next 2.5-3 months, and I'm definitely going to do this again as long as my blood is needed.
I love donor my blood.
During blood-taken
A tiny bandage covering the scar


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