Writing Skill of Mine

A show in National Geographic channel called Brain Games revealed that an adult’s imagination isn't as good as his/her imagination when he/she was a kid. It somewhat relates to me. When I was a teenager, I had all kind of imagination and creativity which resulted in plenty of writings, fiction writings mostly. In Junior High School, I wrote 3 (uncompleted) fiction novels, and I wrote a number of short stories during the Senior High School years. All of them, of course, were written in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). One of my literature teachers was very impressed with my short fiction story and she recommended me to join a writing competition held by my school. I did, and I won the 1st place. Winning that competition gave me a boost of confidence. In the senior year of high school, I along with four of my classmates did a research about public health in the riverside neighborhood and we won the 3rd place in a research writing competition held by a local university with Chevron.
Then, slowly but sure, I started to lose my niche, my muse, my inspiration. As time goes by, I’m growing from a teenager into a young adult. Growing up is hard. Responsibilities and expectations are filling rapidly in my mind that I can no longer think of anything else. College is a place where I got caught up with constantly working on assignments, projects, etc. Then comes the family affairs, my love affairs, school affairs, friend affairs, and before I know it, I have no more space in my life for the imagination and creativity which I used to abundantly had. This blog as an example. I used to write fascinating things and I used to have a theme for every post with pictures and everything. Now I just write my daily activity which contains nothing extraordinary, really.
Last year, after watching Suits (it’s a serial movie about lawyers in Pearson Hardman/Darby law firm in New York), I came up with some fiction story ideas. Not completely related to the law world, but they have a wee bit of it. I got stuck after writing 7 pages. Then it hits me. I’m not that good at writing novel or short story anymore. My imagination fits better with screen writing. From that moment on, I turned my writing skill into a new direction. The results? I came up with 6 new screenwriting ideas. Well, of course, they’re still unfinished yet but plenty of ideas are flowing each and every day. Even when I’m writing this post. Of course, as my English ability is getting better, I write all the screenwriting in English and mostly involve the way Americans live their life.

Maybe it’s true what Brain Games said about adult’s ability in imagination and hence affecting the creativity. I also find that maybe all we (as adults) need to do is pause. Reflects on what we used to good at when we were younger, and on the reason why we no longer do it anymore. Then maybe, we will find something new that we’re good at. Maybe it’s similar with the old thing we used to do, or maybe it’s a brand new thing that we never thought we had. Who knows? Life is full of unexpected things.

Quick Catch Up

I barely write on this blog lately, so I figured I’ll just write a few things that have been happening. Here we go...
Long story short, I am now in my final year at college. Most universities in Indonesia required the final year students to do a research, like undergraduate thesis. So, as any other normal senior year students, I am now working on my undergraduate thesis. Yesterday I had my proposal seminar, there were two professors asking me things about my proposal in front of a bunch of audience, which I think I nailed it. Though, there were a few revisions regarding the research background which according to both of the professors who questioned me was not really to the point. I get it, I might’ve exaggerating the first few pages with all the insights and pre-research observation, so I’m revising it now as I’m writing this blog and I’m planning on having it all done by tomorrow morning. I need to finish this in two weeks so that I can graduate right on time. I have had enough with college; I just want to get out of here as fast as I can.
I also have been taking TOEFL preparation class and Spanish class. Besides working on my thesis, I don’t really have anything else to do, so I signed up for those two classes. I hope by the time I graduate, I’ll also have my TOEFL certificate and at least can speak a little bit of Spanish.
Speaking of which, I remember the first time I took my TOEFL, I was 16 years old and I got a total score of 476, which wasn't too bad for a high school student. The second time was two years after and I got 530, which was way above average and I was a bit surprise as I thought I wasn't that good. The third time I took TOEFL was in 2011, I got 570. And then again, I took the last one about a month ago, and I got 593! I startled. And beyond happy, of course.
Since 2009, I haven’t been listening to any kind of Indonesian songs; I limit myself to only listen to English-speaking songs. I don’t watch local channels, I only watch English-speaking channels preferably American TV shows and with no subtitles on. I even train my brain to think in English language, not Indonesian. I read news only from the website of Huffington Post, Bloomberg, LA Times, LinkedIn, Financial Times, etc. I can name you all the 50 states in the USA, but I don’t even have a clue of who the Parliament Head of Indonesia is. I can talk to you about Obamacare, Twitter’s IPO, Nelson Mandela’s passing, Virgin’s CEO Richard Branson loses a bet to Air Asia’s GCEO Tony Fernandes, Obama’s SOTU speech, Stan Wawrinka beat world’s number 1 and 2 on his way to became the champion of Australian Open, or even for the fact that KIA’s Executive Thomas Oh has been repeating the same speech over the years of Australian Open (Yes, Mr. Oh, despite the cute accent you have, I can hear every words you say loud and clear every year). But if you’re trying to talk to me about what’s been happening in Indonesia lately, my honest answer will be “I have no idea”.
So, for all the hard work I've been doing for 5 years, I think I deserve to achieve the high scores that TOEFL can possibly offer. Why do I have to take another TOEFL preparation class despite the 593 score I got? Well, back to basic human nature of in-satisfaction, and as a human, I’m not easily satisfied with 593. If I can make it 650, why not?


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