I'm a proud owner of a new house :)

Just like the title, I do have a new house and yes, this house belongs to me. Not that I have the money to buy a house (I can barely afford my car fuel), but my generous parents gave each of us, my sisters and I, a house.
It's not a big or fancy house. It's only a two-bedroom house with a garage fit for one car and one bike, a bathroom, a small kitchen and dining, as well as a small garden each in the front and in the back. There's also a small empty balcony on the upper floor used to dry the clothes and also to use as a place to barbecue (it's pretty spacious).

One thing that I truly love to decorate is my room. It's not as big as my room in my parents's house, but I love it! The sun will burst through the window in the morning and I can hear the birds chirping outside. It's so cool! I haven't finished arranging my bedroom yet, it's still a big mess. But here's a sneak peak of how my new bedroom looks like:


I'll post the full version of my new house in my next post! Wait for it!

Nita xxx

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