Telkomsel Flash’s ads: “How FLASH are you?” ---> Big Fat Bullshit!

Thanks to my modem provider, Telkomsel Flash, I don’t spend much time surfing the internet anymore. Why? Because most of the time I can’t get myself connect to the internet. A couple months ago, I was desperately in need to connect to the internet to have my homework done by googling some stuff but my internet was dead for the whole week!! Yes, the WHOLE WEEK.
                I dialed 116 for the call centre, and it said that if I want to call the free-of-charge call centre I have to dial 155. And when I did dial 155, the network is busy! Why am I not surprise?
I’m tired of calling the customer service because I can’t even get one of the customer services on the line. All I got was:”Sorry, our customer services are currently occupied. Please wait.” Then they’ll put me on hold forever and play this stupid song I don’t know the existence of. I ended up waiting and waiting then all of sudden they hang up on me!!! Can you believe that?
One time I got myself talked to a customer service, and here’s pretty much the conversation we had:
Me: I can’t connect to the internet since a couple of days and I checked that I still have 700MB left to use this month. Or if I get connected to the internet, the speed is way too slow. Sometimes it’s fast but only for 1-2 hours then it’ll be slow again. And when I hit the disconnect button and hit the connect button again, I can’t get myself connect. It says that I get a failure setting whatsoever. Then the next day when I get myself connect, the speed will go around 1-2 Kbps.
Customer service: Ma'am, maybe there are a lot of people using Telkomsel Flash at the same time near your place, that’s why the internet speed is slow. And the speed limit for the package you use is 384 Kbps.
Me: Don’t bother the maximum speed of 384 Kbps. I barely ever get the speed to 10 Kbps. I’ve tried to online in around 11PM but the speed is still slow. You guys said in TV ads that you have the fastest speed; if this is what you call fast I can’t imagine the slow one.
Customer service: Ma’am, maybe you have to come to our office and we’ll help you sort your problem.

Come to your office? Are you mental? That’s what you are for! Customer service on the phone, so that I don’t have to spend my time and energy to come to your office. A couple weeks ago they were using an excuse “You live in the area where we don’t have near tower for the signal coverage.” Well, what about the fact that Telkomsel always brag about how wide their coverage is – big fat bullshit!
I have never in my life, since using Telkomsel Flash, got the speed as what they promised – maximum of 384 Kbps. The best speed I ever had is 10 Kbps but it’s still slow, and it only lasted for 1 or 2 hours top! After 2 hours, don’t even bother to open the internet. I have lost my temper countless times in order to get a little bit decent speed. I don’t need the 384 Kbps, but at least give me 50 Kbps.
                The worst was two months ago. Instead of staying and doing my college assignments at home, I had to online in either my mom’s office or internet cafe. Don’t even ask why! And when the 30-days of package period ended, there’s 300MB fair usage left (out of 700 MB) which I couldn’t use.
                Point is, I’ll throw away Telkomsel Flash into the trash can where it belongs and I’m changing to another modem provider which hopefully not gonna be as disappointing as Telkomsel Flash. Oh and I’m no longer using any of Telkomsel products, either for modem nor phone. No more wasting my money on crap services.


AstyNNS said...

Sama disini kita pake flash di hp android tapi cuma bs akses twitter, facebook aja gak bisa, janji2 tinggal janji.

Tapi kalo laptop kita pake speedy ta, gak ada masalah utk browsing2, lancar jaya, gak pake limit2. Coba ngana telpon telkom kalo gk salah nomornya 147, bilang mo pasang speedy (tapi minta yg hanya speedy tanpa telpon rumah supaya gak perlu byr2 abonemen), nanti marketingnya dtg. Byr pertama 300ribuan, trus setiap bulan hanya 109rb.

Kalo depe marketing blg hrs sama telpon jgn mau, blg bisa kok hanya speedy. krn trg awalnya jg begitu disuruh pasang telpon rmh jg trus trnyta bicara dgn supervisornya bisa tanpa tlp rmh, akhirnya trg minta ganti ke program speedy tanpa tlp rmh, jadi byr cuma murah.

Queenielady said...

Iyo kaah? Nanti pake modem itu? Iyo deh, nanti kt bilang mama ganti speedy saja...

AstyNNS said...

Kalo speedy nanti tetap modemnya pake telpon rumah trus disambungin ke satu alat buat kasi mati & nyalain internetnya. tapi telponnya ndak bisa dipake telpon2 krn memang cuma buat speedy. Iyo mending pake speedy aja browsing2 lebe lancar, nyanda ada masalah.


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